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Aneta Florczyk started her career at the age of 16 with the powerlifting triathlon and bench pressing – she was involved in the former for three years, winning the Polish Champion title 13 times in all age categories. She competed in the World Juniors Championships, and in 2000 she came second in the European Seniors Championships in Luxembourg. Aneta was the first Polish woman to cross the magical barrier of 500 kg in powerlifting, achieving 507.5 kg during the Polish Championships in Bydgoszcz in 2001. In addition, as the first and so far the only Pole, she exceeded the limit of 200 kg in deadlift, achieving the result of 213 kg in Bydgoszcz in 2001 – a European juniors record.
Next, Aneta began weightlifting training, and after just a few months she won the Polish Juniors Championships, qualified for the National Squad, entered the European Juniors Championships (Nuoro, Italy), and after less than a year she ranked second among Polish Seniors in weightlifting. In this discipline, Aneta most frequently competed in the weight category of up to 69 kg.
Upon the completion of the 2002 season, in order to add variety to her training, Aneta decided to try her hand on the equipment typical for a strongwoman. The results achieved by her were astonishing, and from the start included several ones that surpassed the unofficial world records, for instance in farmer's walk, log lift or yoke (bushman walk). Strongwoman proved to be as if designed specially for Aneta – she finally had the opportunity to fully use all her sports advantages, such as her exceptional strength, speed, endurance, perfect technique and the will to fight. Starting from the World Championships in Zambia (September 2003), Aneta would win consecutive editions of World Championships and European Championships.
At the age of 24, Aneta became a Polish female strength sportswoman holding the largest number of titles. Sport is not only a job for her but, above all, passion, while workouts continue to be fun for her. Aneta has also been a winner in numerous sports polls and, in addition, she is involved in a number of charitable foundations.
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